Working in a fast food joint is probably the most stereotypical teenage job out there. However, this type of employment has some real advantages. For one, it teaches your teenager valuable customer service skills that they will be able to use to gain other employment. The other upside is that it introduces them to the hard truth about taxes, social security and other types of deductions. Understanding that you don’t get to take home every dollar you earn is a hard truth that most people can’t grasp until they enter the work force.
The perfect online jobs for 15 year olds is to work as an affiliate marketer. What is great about this online job is that you set your hours and you can work from almost anywhere. For instance, you can actual earn using your laptop at the local coffee shop that has wireless internet for free.
Beginning your own summer business sounds scary but it’s surprisingly easy to do! It can be as simple as dog walking, lawn-mowing, cleaning, or babysitting for neighbors. Simply invest in some business cards/flyers and post them around your neighborhood.

This will not only help you to earn some money, but will also give you skills in running a business, learning about organization, practicing time-management, and building on your self-confidence – all things future employers will love!