Let’s face it every woman in the world probably wants to have a beautiful face. No one wants to be called ugly or even plain. In fact, so many measures have already been done to fulfill the needs of women and not all of them are relatively easy. Celebrities are often those people whom we look up to because beauty seems to come so easily to them. It helps that they’re rich, have many resources to choose from and their job is really to maintain their beauty. One such person is Selena Gomez. A rising star, so many young and old women alike crave to know Selena Gomez makeup style and achieve it.

This young beauty can look from innocent girl to mature Hollywood star. To get her natural face, you have to follow the basics all the time. Clean your face, tone it and moisturize properly. Choose the right products that would fit your face (if it’s dry, oily, etc.). Apply minimum amount of foundation only to give your face a nice look. If you want to have her medium skin tone, you could use bronze shaded foundation. Peach or rose colored blush would work wonders on your face and some light lipstick or gloss should complete your look.

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