Ever since I lost my little brother at a very young age, I have dreamt of having a baby boy whom I can look after and love just like my brother. I think it is very fortunate of me that in my life, I met my current husband and his family who were very supporting of the idea for trying to have a baby boy. They understand the emotional need that I feel for this and are willing to support me in any way that they can. My quest for how to conceive a boy began around the time that I and my husband first thought of starting a family after three years of marriage.

I was thrilled to be finally doing this after having missed my brother for more than a decade. My parents and in-laws both contributed a lot to the how part of it. I understood at the very start that although I was very clear about what I wanted, the actual implementation of it to learn how to achieve that was going to take a lot of digging up and a lot of work to actually understand the underlying science and to understand how my body and the process of getting pregnant worked.

Any sort of pain in the left side of the human body can be a sign of immediate attention required. Many of us are far from having any expert medical knowledge ourselves but still a basic understanding of your body enables you to recognize the different between critical and routine pains that you might encounter, before you take any expert advice. Pain in the upper part of the left side of your body, the chest, home to your heart should be taken very seriously. Even though minor acidity could be a reason but a regular occurrence of any kind of pain in the heart region should be checked out by a medical expert. Even mild or short termed pain if frequent can be a cause of concern.

Apart from chest, even abdominal or stomach pain, especially on the left side of your body if severely sharp can be an indication of much more than simple indigestion or constipation. In both men and women, this can indicate food poisoning, stone in the kidney or other kidney infections, obstruction in bowels thus hindering proper bowel movements. Specifically, in women, due to rising numbers of obese cases and an unhealthy way of living sue to lack of exercise; such pain can bring to surface any underlying ovary problems, cysts being the one of the most common problem among unhealthy women.